Sharklife Dive Masters

Do you lead shark dives? We have some great tools for you.
Why become a Sharklife Divemaster?

Sharklife has designed specific shark course materials to increase your knowledge of sharks. You will be able to lead the required shark dives for Sharklife students with more background information and have practical materials to help inform your divers about sharks.


For only R550 ( per course)

intro course pic copy
To lead Sharklife course dives you need to meet the following prerequisites:
- Must be a PADI DM or equivelent from another agency
- Must have logged 10 dives with relevant species
- Be affiliated to a Sharklife Training Centre
- Complete the relevant species DM course
What You Get
Dive Masters get 10% of every course they sell to a diver. (see Course Vouchers section on your profile)
Dive Master Tools
Sample student folder which includes: (use this to show students what they get)
student folder
  • Species A5 Folder with course notes and reviews
  • *3 x Species ID slates for practical dive with students (more slates can be ordered from your profile)
  • Species quick identification fact card (keep in your BCD for quick reference at any time)
  • Species log book page for practical dive
  • Species diver sticker
  • Species tooth card (note: teeth are resin replica's, we do not promote the sale of real shark products)
  • Briefing Banner (dive briefing banner used on the beach or class room)
* If you conduct the dive with students before they receive their own materials use your extra slates
 Below: Sample Briefing Banner 120cmx80cm and slates 20cmx12cm
Raggie Briefing banner and slates


For only R550 ( per course)


0 #1 TheSharkaholic 2014-09-30 13:02
Is it possible to complete the course if you have the shark diving experience but not the afilliation with a dive centre? I live in the UK but would still like to learn to lead the shark dives should I ever become employed/affili ated with one of these dive centres in future.

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