Shark Diver Courses



What you get:

  • Online course tuition
  • Shark course folder
  • Sharklife certification on completion of dives
course overview:

Choose from 8 shark courses which are designed to introduce divers to a range of shark species and help the student diver develop an understanding of the species biology and behaviour. The courses also discuss techniques for diving with different shark species and their conservation status.

course structure:

course structure and diveNote: Sharklife does not conduct shark dives, please see our Training Centers Page to book dives

course topics: (each course focuses on a specific species) 
  • Taxonomy and Classification
  • Distribution and habitats
  • Species biology
  • Species behaviour
  • Threats facing species
  • Diving with species
shark course folder includes:
Whale Student full Pack
  • Species A5 Folder with course notes and reviews
  • Species ID slate for practical dive
  • Species quick identification fact card
  • Species log book page for practical dive
  • Species diver sticker
  • Species tooth card (note: tooth samples are resin replica's, we do not promote the sale of real shark products)
on completion:
Your Sharklife Training Centre/Instructor or Dive Master will then log your dives with Sharklife and you will be issued a Shark Diver card in the post.
Below: sample Shark Diver card
Course Card
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