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The shark species is diverse with vast differences in biology, behaviour and distribution. This introduction covers generic information relating to the species as a whole as well as conservation issues facing sharks today. 

Note: This introduction is to be completed before the species specific courses.

Course Topics:

1: Introduction

  •     What is a shark
  •     Shark characteristics

2: Evolution

  •     Ancient sharks
  •     Rise of modern sharks

3: Classification and Diversity

  •     The eight orders of sharks
  •     Shark diversity

4: Form and Function

  •     External anatomy
  •     Common shark body forms
  •     Shark teeth structure and function

5: Sensory Biology

  •     Vision
  •     Hearing and vibration detection
  •     Electroception
  •     Olfactory sense

6: Internal Anatomy & Reproduction

  •     Internal anatomy overview
  •     The breeding process
  •     Reproductive organs
  •     Reproductive models

7: Prey Capture & Feeding

  •     Optimal diet theory
  •     Prey location
  •     Predatory tactics

8: Conservation Topics

  •     Importance of sharks
  •     Fear vs. fact
  •     Threats facing sharks
  •     How you can help
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Many thanks
+1 #1 mbull 2015-07-06 19:30
how do i do this course, i seem to be stuck on this page.

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